Sculpture Sketches

sound sculpture sketch materials for sculpture power of shape construction brainstorming

I began drawing and brainstorming possible avenues of construction for the sculpture/house the sound piece.

At this time I also revised an interview with David Altmejd in the Border Crossing 2015.

I am very enamoured by David’s desire to create an object of power and by his fascination of the void. One key concept that stuck with me was the notion of listening to the material’s desire of transformation. This rings true for me. From my experience working in a metal shop I quickly learned that it is a partnership with the material. It is the combination of the craftsman’s will and the will of the metal that drives the end result.

“If I was trying to recreate a sketch in three dimensions and was attempting to make a sketch in three dimensions and was attempting to make a sculpture that corresponded to the drawing, then it would only about translation and nothing new would happen in the process. I would end up with a sculpture that was merely an illustration of an idea rather than something alive in itself an able to generate it own meaning. I have to let mistakes to happen, to find ways of mistakes become positive, and let the material make choices.” – David Altmejd

I decided to start by constructing a nest instead of lining the interior of a mirrored irregular geometric shape with wood and twigs . I decided not to plan that far in advance but to see where the process would take me.

Sculpture Sketches

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