Londonography Continued

Mark Lecky, Dream English Kid 1964 – 1999 AD at The Cabinet

Mark Leckey, Dream English Kid 1964 - 1999 AD
Mark Leckey, Dream English Kid 1964 – 1999 AD

For me, this was the most affective piece on the walk. I forgot I was on a class trip in present day London. As we spilled out onto the street I was reminded of being in my own narrative. I felt disoriented after being transported into the alternate world of the art work, where associative images and sounds speak their own language.

The sound track was extremely effective and high quality. I felt that the sound was integral to the mood and significance of the sequences of images. Often I feel sound tracks are simply added sensory bonuses instead of an equally significant component of the story telling.

I appreciated the flow of the video. Although the film contained abrupt scene changes, varying subjects, broken down, twisted, and repeated clips it always carried the viewer along in a way that was not disruptive.

I liked the juxtaposition of the slow unfolding electronic drone sounds underneath ordinary everyday sounds. I had the pleasure of visiting the recording studio at CSM and am interested in how I can make use of the facilities and the amazing technicians.

at 6min of this song the outro becomes a droning sound.

I found out through further research into Dream English Kid that the film is actually a record of all the significant life events in the artist’s life between 1964-1999 constructed from bits of film, adverts and popular music.

Once again biography, yet represented through imagery sourced from popular culture. Mark has created a story from his memories as an abstract narrative made from iconic cultural references. merging ounce again the definition between individual and collective and perhaps bringing something more universal to the audience. I like the way the narrative is present but not fully accessible, more of an impression.

Londonography Continued

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