The Power of Zero (the circle and the nest)

Excerpts from The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten, a living bass playing legend

pg. 200 – 203

“What this shows us is that zero is a powerful number. But actually, it is more then a number. It is a principle. It is a principle that allows all the other numbers to exist and expand. zero is like the base (or bass), the foundation. Without it, there would be no other numbers… the numbers one through nine always represent something. They can never represent nothing. Zero gets to represent something and nothing… Zero is the yin yang number. It represents opposites, something and nothing, fullness and emptiness, big and little, power and weakness, bottom and top. It is not a coincidence that its shape is round. A circle is a shape of space. It has no beginning and no end. Many masterful things posses this shape. It is a holy shape. It is also the shape that all things eventually revert back to. Even a straight line, if continued long enough, will in due course make a circle… like a black hole a vortex that sucks in on one side and spits out on the other; zero has the ability to show us both sides of something… zero is like space, you see. It is the base of all things, and from within in this space all power comes forth. A scientist looks close enough at an atom and what will he find? space!”

The Power of Zero (the circle and the nest)

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