Palisades – Rachel Rose

My favourite part of the show was the speakers clustered around the perimeter of the room. The sounds interacted and connected to the sound tracks of the videos housed in the centre of the space. I knelt beside the speakers, closed my eyes, and was transported somewhere else. I moved around the speakers allowing sounds to come in and out. I love the spacial aspect of sound.

The cinematic technique in the films were very well done. I liked the first film the best, especially the found footage of the hurricane. Text would suddenly pop up at the bottom of the clip for the camera’s holders voice. However, I felt that the videos did not address or delve into any issue but rather brushed the surfaces and made certain parallels and associations. I was confused by the significance of architecture in the first film. In the second film I found that the use of a settlers paintings to show the historical significance/memory to be a bit shallow.

Palisades – Rachel Rose

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