Ecology of the Voice

ecology of the voice

The sounds Shelley Hirsch, Elaine Mitchener, Sofia Jernberg made were outstanding, odd and beautiful. I was completely inspired and amazed. They were breaking down concepts of the voice and singing in favour of a fascination for sound itself. I was drawn in by the  exploration of sound through different aspects of life as well as out own personal histories.

I was intrigued when themes of vulnerability, breaking down barriers of fear, stream of consciousness, and improvisation came up. This reminded me quiet a lot of the automatic writing in Susan Hiller’s work. 

The first quote interluded by Professor David Troop really stuck out for me:

“The secret harmony of disharmony. I don’t want something already made but something still being tortuously made. My unbalances words are the wealth of my silence. I write because I so deeply want to speak. Though writing only gives me the full measure of silence.”

Virginia Wolf’s writing was referenced during the evening as well as during my seminar on narrative today. The way Virginia Wolf intermingles between the lives and stories of many characters reminds me of my desire to collect many stories from people and compile them.

Ecology of the Voice

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