I was conversing with Manj a couple days ago, going through some of his private writing, when he began to talk about concepts of the mirror. This reminded me instantly of some reading I did on the mirror in relation to Hegel. I wished I could have recorded it but my SD card was broken.

I brought my recorder out with me last night, but didn’t use it.

Last night outside the gig David started describing how he sees his life as a comic book with many different stories. Now he is ready to take charge of the comic book and develop one story. As soon as he said it I wish I had recorded it but I didn’t have time to pull out the recorder and turn it on (it is very slow at turning on). As if to tell me “it’s not too late” he kept on turning to me repeating the same comic book analogy (although with out the same poeticism as the first time). I was too scared to take out the recorder. The fear of exposing myself… my odd interests and of ruining the moment.

Later that evening Manj was describing a drawing of his. The centre and the stem is a simple shape representing binary. For him this shows how the planets and the starts and galaxies stem from the male female duality. I also wanted to record this but didn’t. I don’t know how to do this recording with out making the person feel that they are being recorded.. catching the stream of conscious those little spontaneous insights.


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