Sound Painting

Authenticity – interested in real people and moments not staged or painted or sculpted. collaging recordings.

singing bowl + sound of the door opening and the wind blowing in

both sounds create visual images. In Sculpture  ___ uses the experiences of blind men to articulate that our understanding of the world  around us comes from both touch: shape and form and sight: colour, light and the visual plane. I would street that the interdependence of the visual and the physical in order to grasp concepts is equal to that of the sonic. Visual pictures and sounds are closely linked and often our senses are confused when one triggers the other. One can convey concepts through pictures, sculptures equal to that of sound.

Combining the sound of the door opening and a singing bowl resonating is different from using sound to combine notes to express emotion. Sounds conjure up images and images creat their own language of symbolism. This creates something like sonic painting or perhaps sonic film considering the use of narrative in my work.

Sound Painting

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