I just got the sound cancelling headphones I ordered for the show and had a listen. I wish I got them earlier… its a total game changer! The sound quality is amazing and very immersive – adding realism. Now I can hear things that I couldn’t before.. just how choppy the “space” (I created to break up the automative voice) which was inaudible before now is. The quality of the headphones demand careful and artful editing. Instead of feeling dismayed about a whole lot of extra work I’m excited about the possibility of an end result that is effective, at least in transporting the participant into an alternate world of my own construction. Whether the alternate world is successful is another question.

Listening Notes:

-fade in to bathtub sound less gradual

-fix choppy spacing in automative voice either by fading in and out of each clip or by putting all the clips back into one segment

-reanalyse the Event Narrative. it is too long. not in terms of seconds because the rhythm of it as a section in a three part piece works. Rather in the content. as a listener I loose the significance of the narrative because there is too much detail. it has not been structured because the text is more of a transcript of the event however I need to do a bit of editing.

-make a score/screen play for the piece

-aware that my voice is the only female voice in the piece and is tonally completely different Rob and the Automated. the sensual female voice of the artist.

-fade in and better layering for the thick part

-add more sounds to the thick part one more voice

-I don’t like the transitions that I spent time “fixing” this week re-edit

-with the new headphones I love the sound of the wind in the background when rob is speaking… record more wind sounds

-compress lighter sounds ..maybe even robs voice

-the overtone comes in too early.. it is already entering during the call and response between my voice and the voice automated one. I’m not sure this part should be here it might need to be rearranged

-compression on bathtub sounds transition.

-edit Memory narrative it drags on not articulated well in the second half. this is also part of understanding the ending/loop

-The ending! sort it out!


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