I didn’t know cage composed music in a traditional way..

I find the comments on youtube interesting:

Caio Ary 2 months ago
Meh, 4’33 so much better

francesco pece 2 months ago
Why do people always close their minds to this kind of music? Maybe this is not the same hearable motif of the major part of commercial music, but Cage in 1948 let us understand how a piano and a few notes can give us emotions.

thefrankonion 4 weeks ago
+francesco pece 2:29, very influenced by Satie, in particular, his last works like Socrate. Cage was also composing these works as dance pieces for Merce Cunningham at this time.

fibsernum30 1 week ago
All of us have sat around and mindlessly noodled on the keyboard with one hand while talking to a friend or looking out the window. I guess we should have added some reverb and written it down as a “composition.”
Most of us, however, would not go on for almost 8 minutes without coming up with something interesting.

“the first question I ask myself when something doesn’t seem to be beautiful is why? and very shortly you realize there is no reason… if we conquer that dislike then the world is more open… “

22:24 chance determining structure as psychoanalysis, giving up the ego as a composer

highesy purpose is to have none. reflect nature through art by using random events

chance operation – removes the artists biases & socially learned taste

cage helps people see what is right in front of them

last voice over is beautiful!


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