The candles and incense were a last minute addition when I realized there might not be lights under the arches. People liked the smell which was heightened by the blindfold. For me the smell was not particularly important but making an environment/experience felt important… something temporal and fleeting which exists in that why only once. the work is adaptable. So far these are the only two pictures I have from the night.

I decided not to use the concealed “iPod”. The quality of sound was not as good off the device compared with the laptop plus it was making this weird high pitched beeping sound at the end of the track which I couldn’t figure out.  This meant I stayed by the work. People liked seeing the wave format in Audition playing off my laptop but this only interested me because I could monitor/observe what part the listener was at. I was always aware of the listener, I felt like their guide.

Staying with the work meant I would debrief people.. instruct them, hand them the blind fold, and start the track from the beginning instead of having it on loop. I liked doing all of this. It was important for me to hand sew the blindfold and this process of handing the blindfold over and of guiding deepens the connection/relationship between artist and participant.

I did feel a new connection with people after they experienced the work compared to before. The way they looked at me in the eyes. People seemed to want to talk to me about the work as much as I was enjoying getting feedback. A reoccurring theme was that the lister felt they had just been somewhere else and weren’t sure what to do with themselves. This told me that the sound piece was immersive, something I desperately wanted to achieve. One lister said that it was like a movie through sound.

The blindfold power dynamic was very interesting. The piece was often mistaken for a performance and a small audience would gather to watch the listener/participant who is unaware and somewhere else in their mind. Strangely, the blind fold makes a voyeur of the non-participant observer and at the sometime creates a power dynamic between the work and the participant.


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