Themes for a New Sound Piece

I want to examine perceptions of selfhood “behind the mask” as well as the image of a modern person’s place in the world, dipping into the ethos surrounding global society.

Especially, the radical perspective on societal occurrences comes with an acknowledgment of the deep pain, grief and hatred that exists. The failings of human nature, on a macro level, are often looked at with a sense of despair and helplessness. Yet on a micro level, one looks inwards and must realize that they are the house of the same pain and destruction.

This leads into the theme of interior vs exterior worlds and selfhood.

Although I do not want to centre on this, an example of the dialectic of inside and outside manifested in language… is the world view of many squatters. There is an outside world that is clearly established “they” and “out there” and “the system” “Babylon” verses the interior society of squats which functions on separate rules and structures. there is not the same systems of authorities at play.

It is the perspective of separation from the exterior world that I am interested in. The Other and alienation are important. This macro division reflects the micro of the “self” vs the “mask” in another interior exterior dynamic.

I intend to begin collecting the political/social views of the world from the perspective of the outsider/radicals (squatters, punks, hippies, conspiracy theorists, activists, queer folk.

The mask (70% 45%) mirrors:

Who we are due to circumstance, interactions, and environment, compared to our “inner-self”-whatever that may mean, the voice that narrates our conscious, the voice that we only ever describe to others because it can’t be experienced by anyone else. loneliness, alienation and fear are interesting 

Ideas around identity can stem from recounted biographical stories, philosophy, and religion or esoteric practices/spirituality.

I imagine collecting many voices speaking about selfhood and society, and playing them from different speakers arranged spatially so the participant observer makes their own mix in the moment of their experience (and through their own journey much like life).

In opposition, using objects to conceal speakers. making it sculptural and using a language of inanimate objects to form the role of the narrator.

A collection of voices speaking on the internal (intimate exposed)

different voices describing the same voice



Themes for a New Sound Piece

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