In my one-on-one with Andrew he suggested that I explore the role of the narrator and referenced John Cassavetes for his pioneering techniques in filming and method acting.

The shots and angles are interesting. Now that I have watched the film I think “Faces” could easily be replaced with “Masks”. The content dwelt on happiness, society’s expectations/roles, and alienation. For me the key moment in the film was when Chet talked about being mechanical.

“So when you talk ethic, and values, and honesty, and I’m a nice guy, and you’re a nice guy and this and that and you know it just doesn’t matter. Nobody cares nobody has time to be vulnerable to each other so we just go on. right away our armer comes out like a shield and goes around us and then we become mechanical men. I called you a mechanical women. I got news. I’m so mechanical, honey It’s absolutely ludicrous how mechanical a person can be…”

I was impressed by the portrayal of both masculinity and femininity confused and strangled by social constructs and expectation. I was especially surprised that the female perspective was included and that both perspectives were explored subtly with out portraying the characters as bad nor good, just lost.

“My films are expressive of a culture that has had the possibility of attaining material fulfillment while at the same time finding itself unable to accomplish the simple business of conducting human lives. We have been sold a bill of goods as a substitute for life. What is needed is reassurance in human emotions; a re-evaluation of our emotional capacities.”
― John Cassavetes


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