05:36 – Abdi starts describing his experiences w lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis

17:07 – “there is more to this life” … harnessing powers

17:55 – “the life that were living”

19:05 – we’ve forgotten today about this kind of esoteric knowledge

19:51 – these experiences undermine people’s belief systems and scares people

22:17 – demonic forces are about understanding the power inside of us, decision making, questioning etc.

30:26 on wards- “you have to find your own answers… life is a book you can write what you want… everything around you comes and goes… what is the meaning of life? the answer is in the question… people don’t know themselves.. bad things will always happen you’ll just have to get over that… life just always carries on… people get stuck… its difficult and its simple.”


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