Lee and Sophie Dec 15th


00:28 – Lee starts his drunken monologue about life + manhood

02:19 – Sophia enters the room and immediatly interrupts Lee… sophia: emotions are programmed, what is emotion? what is logic? happiness is an idea derived from experience which is programming. happiness is just being

at this point I leave the room to let them do their thing with out me there

05:00 – Lee tells Sophie to shut up and that she’s a nutter

06:25 – timetraveling is discussed

09:11 – Lee: existence fuck.. it’s well confusing

10:50 – Lee tells Sophia to fuck off, she says we don’t need to eat that is just an idea, there are people that feed off the ether

11:42 –  Lee is scared to look at Sophia because his opinion on reality is completely different form hers. I find this part the most interesting. I really like this idea that he can’t look at her because her opinion is so different from his


Lee and Sophie Dec 15th

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