Steve Gilmore

Talking to Steve was great. We were recording back up vocals for his album and when we went for a cigarette break I brought up my sound piece and potentially recording him. I had in mind a conversation we had once before were he described his mirrored social and spiritual journey from a radical youth to an older man who believes that change starts with the self. I was struggling to imagine how I could prompt Steve to repeat this sentiment over a recording. Andrew spoke to me about preparing people/prompting them in order to get the material I want. However, my aim is to make the recordings as natural as possible so the speaker is not self-conscious about being recorded and preparing a speech. I want it to feel more intimate and spontaneous to listeners.

Luckily as soon as I brought it up Steve went on a ramble arriving at the same points and more that I was aiming for. we arranged a date to record him speaking.. which has now fallen through. I will have to record him when I get back from Canada.. even thinking of getting him to record himself but not sure about that.

Notes From Steve:

-the West is not the problem humanity is

-Freedom. these days can only be found in the mind.

-living today doesn’t really feel like living to me or most of the people I know

-Syria, leadership, government structures, real power, politics is a game

I realized while talking to Steve that I am making this piece because I want to understand my own beliefs spiritually and politically. Learning comes from the display of divergent (at times possibly delusional) array of perspectives and stories. Coming of age means sifting through this plethora of lessons and narrative to make something of it all.

In a sense I am the piece is a self-portrait with out the image of the artist. or it is the stuff that surrounds me… my outline.


Steve Gilmore

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