Elaborating on my interest in the mask:

Staged Identity

“there can be more truth in the mask that you adopt than your real inner self. I always believed In masks.”

… considering sampling audio from other places not just my recordings. John Cage, Zizek, Faces, the news, ect…

A potential resource:

After Nature Podcasts & MP3 Downloads

In addition, I realized that the Inoperative Community is actually a borrowed title from a collection of essays (1983) written by french philosopher Jen-Luc Nancy. Well of course I new about this initially because it’s on the program but I didn’t bother too look into the book. I think it may be a very interesting and relevant read pertaining to the sound piece. I have been thinking about also recording readings of a selected texts as well as sampling talks. or perhaps there could be some live elements.

(I am afraid of being too much like john cage or any other sound artist. Sound is such uncharted territory and yet it feels very easy to be associated with the first break throughs with in sound art.)

I feel that I am working in a similar vain as Dan Kidner however I am using sound not film and making my own recording instead of curating the work of other artists. I think it is just as valid to curate the films than to have made them all and exhibit them in a collection. It is about catalogue, collage, selection, etc.


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