go to an extreme and then retreat to a more useful position… artist behaviour is considered to go to an extreme position and defend it and occupy it. i want to know about the boundary conditions but I don’t want to be there. they exert an influence they allow things to be possible

never made music from a purely intuitive position, always connected into a big theoretical position. the music doesn’t have to show the theory but it is the theory that leads you to decisions you wouldn’t have made otherwise

the worlds organisms are a product of forces and constraints reconfiguring in different ways, the basic thought on how the universe works runs into how i decide to make music – like art practice

when you hear two instruments playing the same melody you know it’s a conspiracy

freedom and meticulous (deceit) the original and the simulate

music that is just context without action – music for film

sometimes when you arrive new in a place you can really see it

technology used to generate verity rather than fixing something in place

art as an interaction rather than a quality

anyone who seriously believes in an afterlife is likely to be mad in this life


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