Listening Notes:

1:01 None authoritarian hierarchy need to establish a common understanding of humanity

2:20 conditioned to perceive reality in a narrow minded way

2:52 a little joke.. every creation has a creator, religion

3:37 atheism a self defeating belief

4:37 religion tries to teach us non attachment

5:30 a lot of aboriginal groups have a good grasp on how to be human

6:00 emotional hygiene. it’s all in your head get over it is like saying to someone who has just broken their leg its all in your leg just walk it off

6:50 depression, belief system, drive

7:23 a lot of people don’t know where they are going so they are going through life in a haze of confusion and why people try out stereotypes

8:35 life is like a movie and you can choose any character you want to be

10:24 ego is good like anything else if its channeled right

11:33 gorilla artivists squats + artists

12:12 people have only evolved what they are doing instead of the way we treat each other/live

12:07 artificial + organic, artificial intelligence and organic intelligence codes programs, the universe is evolving as we are as a society and population. we need a system which is flexible and evolving otherwise it will just collapse on itself

14:20 the glory and the fame has been misplaced… open source world… class system

18:56 computers based on humans

20:00 sometimes I just sit and watch people and I notice how instinct based peoples interactions are

20:36 my body is hyper sensitive to emotion to the point were I might have a fit, epilepsy. a robot gets short circuited

22:32 junky society addicted to feelings always wanting experiences addictive cycle work and party

23:46 write a manifesto on how to live a happy life 3 disciplines mind heart body.. how does your soul want to express itself. find your beliefs and be prepared to be challenged. when you don’t have faith you don’t have a destiny. society today takes away faith and we become lost.

26:00 when I didn’t believe anything in one time in my life I got depressive

27:09 feminine and masculine the universe started feminine and masculine followed. human is a good flexible machine

28:09 destructive is bad

32:04 everything exists even spider man and if something doesn’t exist it doesn’t exist so don’t worry about it

32:40 respect universal laws : ecosystem





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