Speakers – Janet Cardiff



the photos above document two installations of Murder of Crows by Janet and George. The speakers are supported simply by stands, chairs, or tables. familiar domestic devices. The configuration is reminiscent of Janet’s 40 Part Motet which I have experienced at the MoMA PS1 in 2012 and at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) in 2013.  However in the 40 part motet there is a simply an oval of speakers on stands and depending on the installation a bench or two in the centre. I’m interested in the calculated distance between the speakers and hight with the constant being that the speakers are all the same size. I wonder weather each layer of speakers has certain pitched sounds or volumes assigned to them. for example i would direct low bass sounds to the speakers on the ground and would have placed those speakers closer to the centre.  I’m also interested in the specific placement of the listeners who’s seats are the same as the speakers.


I am drawn to this strong image from Dark Pool.

Experiment in F# minor.

This image of the sculpture is very strong. I was also interested in the title F# minor is an interesting choice. the interaction between the sculpture and the participant viewer’s shadow is wonderful! I’m thinking about the relationship between the work and viewer and how that can define the work.

Speakers – Janet Cardiff

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