Steve Recording

Recording notes:

0:22 you can’t be a musician with out thinking about life that what we do we’re mirrors we illustrate things

1:53 David bowie to suffragettes equality of the sexes Steve continues to comment on events in Germany over new years, immigrants, etc:

“Almost three weeks after the incident, 838 people have filed criminal complaints, including 497 women alleging sexual assault. The scale and nature of the crimes in Cologne, coupled with police descriptions of the perpetrators as being part of a large crowd of drunken men of “Arab or North African” origin, has fanned the debate about Germany’s approach to migration. Almost 1.1 million asylum-seekers arrived in the country last year, many of them from countries where women face greater discrimination than in Germany.” – CBC news

3:30 I’m hoping that people will grow up I’m 66 now and I’ve spent my whole life thinking that people will grow up and they never yet have done

4:25 the status quo 1950’s England authoritarian, in the 50’s you were allowed to be a child apposed to today where fear dictates how children are treated

6:00 governments have increasingly become the figure who dictates what the people should do like a parenting figure. yet it is not the role of the government to tell people how they should live.

7:06 the whole of life leads to illness and death your only choice is well which way do I go, the only ability you have is making your own discussions you can not change society

7:44 20 years of age lefty, socialist, revolutionary… realized the people in these scenes were not prepared to do anything about the ideas

8:24 my generation dropped the ball but i firmly believe that we could have changed the world. i do believe that people can change the world but to be able to do that you have to be able to change yourself first.

9:10 when I turned 30 I realized politics is a game. and if you stand up for what you believe in and take the public stoning that comes with is than you are not a politician you are a revolutionary

9:42 at that point you are like a soldier sticking your head up from the trenches and you will get shot at and from the most unlikely directions

10:28 being able to deal with change is really difficult, that’s the real problem.

11:00 the problem with democracy (and I do believe in democracy) what do you do when the majority wants a government that doesn’t really care about looking after the most vulnerable people

12:50 I am a pacifist but we still need to be defended against people who would do us harm

13:04 I grew up in a world people considered dangerous were every second thought you were like oh my god are they going to drop a bomb

13:54 NATO is very important to England bedrock of the west

15:19 Trident, built when aggression was state not individual/religious aggression. we might have to fight a war with people who will not ever declare a war because they don’t see it as a war.

16:24 as a song writer I am always aware of fates role in our lives

17:40 Apathy lack of community alienated in society (but it is a big city)

18:40 out there in england itself the country people are angry looking for answers. this is the reason why the labour parties politics is becoming more relevant because it reassures people not because its not the answer

20:10 most people get a choice in life some people recognize that and some people don’t. part of your role is to answer those questions yourself (pertaining to stopping and helping strangers on the street)

new recording begins after Desmond interrupt announcing he’s leaving the shop to get some more tea bags

1:13   Instinct is really sharp.. idk why. life taught me to be aware trained me to watch and learn and put things into practice

2:21 Instinct is a blinding light

3:01 nothing changed things got worse (socially/politically)

3:22 England was the sick man of Europe everyone on strike socialist government mid 70s

5:45 I have a nasty tendency not to do what people say its almost an article of faith I do what I feel needs to be done this area of personal responsibility

6:10 I believe that our goal as human beings is to understand our personal responsibility for  everything.  everything I’ve  been doing since making the realization is helping other people realize this point.

6:50 it’s down to you.

8:34 who am I and where am I going? two most important questions. most young people let the winds blow them wherever

9:40 despite everything the world still makes no sense. spent all your life learning that.

10:10 in your heart of hearts in the early hours of the morning you know that you have to do something you can’t just keep free wheeling

10:28 what is life? I’m still figuring it out

11:01 if you go out specifically with the intention of being the person you want to be every day you will become that person. this whole thing is a light show to distract us from the real goal .. to enlighten and raise up. every interaction w people is deeply meaningful even the simplest thing

13:55 the voice in my mind, instincts. people think these things are fairy tales. oh i don’t need religion because I’m a strong person, bollocks. the only thing you can win is you. you are the prize

15:45 you’ve got to accept your place in the world







Steve Recording

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