surge + david

1:19 distractions – computer games, newspapers. workers revolution  in the industrial revolution  there were no newspapers but ignored to organize and educate the workers was through newspapers the hierarchy realized that knowledge is power so they gave them tabloid new ignored to simulate the masses

4:07 communism and religion both sound good on paper but in practice doesn’t work

4:31 even anarchists feel that they need masses to create change, its simulating the masses, puppets. is it control or is it chaos

4:60 anarchist friends just young people full of anger I started to question them and they get embarrassed because they don’t know what they are doing it

5:52 new world order

7:06 organizations are dangerous in their extremes but people don’t want to vote for what they don’t know… confusion and apathy

7:54 media controlling the masses fear

10:30 every fifty years the government declassifies certain files, transparency

12:54 agnostic vs intelligent creator

14:30 in third world countries people have a different relationship to material objects

15:30 getting high off addiction to phones and games simple entertainment

….. not sure what to do with a recording like this where my voice is so prevalent. I have to decide whether I want to edit the recordings snipping and splicing or whether no matter what is recorded it is part of the piece. I am ok with conversation that doesn’t really make a point. when people are just saying ideas and they don’t always connect or lead to anything. I think the last half of the convo is a little more on point.


surge + david

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