Polyphonic Transcript word

I started typing out the transcript of my first recording. I was thinking of creating a book kind of like a screen play that would accompany the work, a transcript of all of the speech that is included in the piece. However it is extremely time consuming. Until I am certain that it is necessary I will not spend my time typing it up. I do like the translation of spoken word to written word. I’m really interested in the captured moments more than anything and the characters that form.

an excerpt:

“im not getting on no ship im on a life boat for now I want to swim in the tides and one time when some one I will ask and cries and scream out for a life boat to pull me up on to deck so I can look at the world and think oh fuck let me back in again into the waters (laughing) let me in I want to be with the fishes fuck this Im a pisces (more laughter) I want to be with my family… practice first to understand our brain and what makes us tick and what makes us what turns us on and what turns us off and analyze ourselves as characters yeah and then through that through that practice of control over the brain we get to understand where our emotions come from cause our brain has certain conditioned transmitters that make us react in certain ways for certain things which emotionally gives us our character our emotions our very our foundation to our character is in front of people or when you learn those things you learn a lot about yourself your brain your emotions and then you can start to find out in your environment when certain things that tick you off or piss you off how not to react to them and how not to react to them and”


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