a Note on Harmony and the Other

I wrote the first bit pondering harmony in Dec which led me into an interest in counterpoint and the last bit on the other more recently

harmony is when a tone is situated in other tone(s) and the identity of any one tone becomes relational.  A complexity develops and with this complexity comes depth and beauty, all stemming from a defined “otherness”. Harmony (and counterpoint) have notions of interior and exterior as well as alienation embedded in their very fibres.

Only in becoming the other can we know ourselves. As soon as we feel out of place do we realize our distinct features, these features now scream in the library where they once whispered. If such experiences are not had, and one remains, for the most part, in an environment where they blend in like pleasing and complaisant wallpaper there is no opportunity to question one’s self and to grow. For example, when one take’s the path given to them or the path with the least resistance and never question who they are and where they are going. I don’t mean to suggest that so many people live their entire lives like this… there are stages of this and there are different intensities in which one might question one’s self. It is a reoccurring theme spoken about in the recordings I have made so far, that people allow themselves to be ‘blown by the wind’ in directionless confusion. I wonder if others would think the same of the people who have said this on my recordings, that they too are blowing in the wind. Perhaps when a person describes others as being confused and directionless they are actually describing the greater human understanding of the unknown. The unknown is omnipresent in the human psyche. as Steve says in the recording “none of this makes any sense”.

a Note on Harmony and the Other

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