Structures: society and art

I was listening to David speak about how there needs to be a structure for society which is flexible, adaptive, and expanding like organic structures like our bodies, something as we breath like we breath.

The rigid confines of rules and regulations within defining and categorizing art have been breaking down for hundreds of years. The philosophy that everything can be art (whether everything is art is another dispute) is similar to the philosophy that everything can be sacred. The opportunity to find meaning in anything leads to and understanding that everything can be a teacher and and an acknowledgement of the great potential which lies in all forms of being. I think that’s what makes art today radical. When rules/structure cease to be oppressive and serve only to define character or as a tool there is a freedom for exploration which allows for an expanded self and pays homage to the plurality/adaptation of self.  Art practice now encompasses so much that the artist is free to follow their intuition and  change.

I suppose this is similar to the ideal society that David was describing. I imagine it like modern art practice, where everyone is free to choose their own path without the oppression of systems, a society which encourages adaptation.

Structures: society and art

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