The River

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.29.23 PM

I have been listening back to The River. I love the experience of sharing a piece with others after it’s been finished… the work takes on a whole new identity once it leaves the making process. I think it needs a little editing. I was thinking to exhibit it with Rhiannon’s group for the second year off cite show. would be good.


-the outro of Rob’s speech (lighter clips and other sounds). This part sounds constructed/forced needs a better flow

-the transition from Rob’s speech into my memory. This is the part where the automated voice and my voice do a little call and response repeating lines from the Transcript. This part is supposed to introduce my voice into the piece as well as connecting my story to the witnessed narrative; tying together the initial and ending sections of the piece. However I feel it is too long and confuses the flow of the piece as a whole

-last of all there needs to be a little more space in the final section of the sound piece. This will be difficult as there are many layers timed in a specific sequence. it will take some time to add the smallest amount of space that is needed.

The River

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