I have continued with the Transcript and typed up Steve’s recording which comes to 5,338 words. The document can be downloaded from the link below. It is interesting to see the difference between spoken and written word. The form and punctuation must be decided on next.

Polyphonic Transcript 2

In my theory tutorial John recommended I look up Goldsmith’s Seven American Deaths and Disasters when I mentioned my interest in Transcript. It is a piece where Goldsmith transcribes radio broadcasts of seven major deaths/disasters from John Lennon to the Twin Towers. In some of his other works Goldsmith transcribes all the words he says for a day and the weather report.


“But Mr. Goldsmith has also delivered a kind of found treasure of the American vernacular. His book is about the sounds our culture makes when the reassuring smooth jazz of much of our broadcast media breaks down, when disc jockeys and news anchors are forced to find words for events that are nearly impossible to describe. This book is about language under duress.” – The New York Times



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