I have skimmed threw an online version of _____ hoping to order it. a beautiful book. I even wrote out a part of it. I’m noticing a theme with these collections of transcripts. they have a very clear theme that ties all of the content together. it seems to be more about supporting a theme or structure than the transcript itself. I don’t have a clear theme. But perhaps that’s because I am more interested in each recording (which becomes a transcript) in it’s own right.

I have the idea of micro and macro ideas of self and other…. self and society… this is very broad. when actually trying to decide on who to interview and what to ask  it’s very hard to imagine what to ask them in order to provoke. Then what am I trying to provoke?

I’m curious about how we look at ourselves how we look at outside ourselves… that at the end of the day we are just looking and sitting behind the gaze we lay in whole, irrelevant of sight or perception. the mind constructs history.

It is vital in a sense, to be typing up these transcript. When I make the recording and listen back to it my sense of the product is less based on exact language and more based upon the character, atmosphere, the story playing out. seeing the text gives it a whole new form. it also makes me conscious of exactly what is being said. I want more voices in the soundscape and yet I need to take this time to analise what i’ve already captured in order to know how to move forward. As much as I was pondering the whole interior exterior & micro macro I was following my instinct. this whole thing started because while I was working on my last sound piece their would be moments when I wish i could take a snap shot of what someone said. take that small strand of narrative and weave it with others. now it has become more contained in an interview, though I have chosen characters who have made a particular impact or hold a particular place in my story. What I like about the conversation between Sophia and Lee is a) that I left the room and they forgot about the recorder and b) the sense of raw interaction unencumbered yet still strung together by the parameters of the situation they had entered and it forms a simple story the two of them. Lee is pretty drunk and feeling sentimental. A straight forward guy yet sentimental. Sophia energetic younger, stubborn in her ideas… both are stubborn in their ideas and they can’t really connect through their ideas they form a zig zag. but they do connect because they are quiet content with one another. and yet Lee can not look sophia because her idea of the world is so different from his.

now I am collecting recordings to place together

what about taking a recording and manipulating it



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