On Sonic Art – Trevor Wishart

Where does the meaning lie if not in the words nor the speech. transcript and recording captures the signification of meaning in different ways.

speech – intonation, character, voice, accent

written word – content, syntax interprets the intonation/character of the speaker

so does the meaning lie in the person or around them? the recordings + transcripts become fossils… imprints of meaning. The host of meaning is no longer the person who spoke, as they become and imprint do to the intervention of the recording, but the participant listener, the one who mixes & masters the piece via their own journey. They interpret the words & speech and apply them to their own experience or “concrete reality” (in Wishart’s words) to their “state”

i have a sense of what the content means to me and no idea what it may mean to others whether it be those who spoke or those who may listen

On Sonic Art – Trevor Wishart

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