The Hive

On Wednesday I was at the garden centre on my way to meet a friend in Dalston to jam. I was also trying to get my guitar serviced and visit a gallery but didn’t manage all that. Surge started try to get me on board to be a “citizen journalist” and gather material to bring to the pirate radio where he does cover shifts for DJs. In our many conversations he mentioned that the Hive is building a recording studio and since I was going to Dalston anyways I thought we could make a trip of it. We turned up on the night of their first music meeting. everyone was talking over each other and in a group of a 7 or 8 men but they seemed to be alright with listen to me. So I helped organize, we talked for about 3 hours. If all goes well I will get to learn/help build sound proofing and a recording studio, learn how to do the sound engineering for gigs, learn more about recording, and about transmitters and pirate radios. Plus one guy there is studying music production and sound design.

The Hive

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