sound scape process work

Out of 7 minutes of improv on the Piano/harp I cut and pasted there sections together to make 2:40 minutes. while organizing all my files I sorted out sounds I recorded last term and found one with my voice singing one tone in an echoey acoustics. I added more reverb to it. sounds a bit to classical…. not sure if I like the sound of it all together… too much like something I would do if you know what I mean. I recorded on the over ground and I’ve got a clip of someone begging on the train and the background noise of voices talking. I also recorded the sound of the train coming in. I like the effect that this sound creates.. it is a crescendo like the sound of thunder except the sound of the train is more spacial and mechanical… I would like to use sound to create this effect without the image of the train. atmospheric sound physical sound.

sound scape process work

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