soundscape research

weird rad lady started working for the BBC when she was 18 and a pioneer/inventor. turning photos in sound swell through scratching film.

really good motion structure (repetition) changing atmosphere great crescendo and then silent ending  this woman was a bit obsessed with ecological soundscaping and a very narrow idea of beauty and form in terms of noise and mechanical/industrial sounds

really interesting

going to listen to this later – use of voice/talking






soundscape research


James Coleman at Marian Goodman

Untitled has four speakers two for the lower sound and two for the higher. the beat resembles an electronic heartbeat. The video is pixilated and blurry on a very short loop.  this vivid brightly coloured ride that is the heart beat of life.

the second piece here is Linge de Foi (1991) a re-enactment of a historical event depicted in a french print filmed from one view point. It’s an interesting way of portraying the subjectivity and cultural influence of perspective. I also noticed the visual and cultural treatment of the speaker placement in the exhibit.

COL_020316_ 006Steven Claydon at Sadie Coles

“he probes and dismantles notions of meaning, aura and currency. Throughout, Claydon returns to the counterintuitive idea that cloaking an object might allow it to be seen more clearly – a paradox found in the process of scanning electron microscopy, where samples are typically coated in ultra-thin layers of gold before going under the microscope (the conductive material increases the quantity of ‘secondary electrons’ that can be detected from their surfaces).”

I thought it was interesting to make ornate decorative out of circuit boards and ect. also the sculptural divisions of the room


Achieving better noise reduction

At the end of doing all this I can’t tell if it’s better or not, will have to test it on speakers to see what it sounds like. I might have to get someone who’s a bit more experienced to show me what they would do.

30 band graphic equalizer Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.17.44 PM

taking out low bass and high hiss and increasing the master gain – set as a preset

after capturing a noise print of the sound in the room I applied noise reduction

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.54.31 PM

I then added a male vocal enhancer and finished the process by mastering the track

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.13.56 PM

Achieving better noise reduction

Experimental fragmentation

Late at night I re-watched Luke Fowlers Depositions, I felt inspired by the sound track and the film itself. I began to take snippets of speech and put them in a new multitrack session. I tried not to think to much but just to do. Since then I have added to it slightly, more copy and pasting segments that I like and will worry later about how to use them. I ‘m realizing that I can tell my own story with all the material I have from other voices. There are certain themes that pop up and these will string the narrative together. I need to make field recordings of natural sounds to fill in  some of the silences that are now present.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.47.44 AM



a[2] is a beautiful example of silence or Ma, the spatial transition of water sounds in a rhythm from one side to the other, the dismembered body….. this sensation changes the way I feel inside my own body and I find that really interesting… something to try although I started to be more expressionistic with panning in the last sound piece it is a very interesting tool to explore further, when the sound < it is overwhelming and consuming and then the abrupt relief is very beautiful and transportive, headphones are key

the high ringing like a cicada in summer, the spacial difference between sounds, layer/building blocks of melody, the rhythm and motion

the warmth/colour of the bass tones and the crackle of the record, the vocals are wonderful, the distortion echo travels between L and R ear, delay time?, human voice and electronic sounds

the use of field recordings/radio is striking, very little fade in or fade out for field recordings – operates as a rhythm like the drum machine sound, transition into overtones with distortion and little crackling sounds like a blip coming in and out,