I printed off the transcripts into three books. The maximum page number for printing and binding is 32 at uni so I had to divide the transcripts into three. I like this because there is less of a sense of a starting point. books are very linear… and so this breaks the linear reading ever so slightly. however, they are put in chronological order as they were recorded. I left the title out so they are blank. I was thinking to put it in myself or make a hand made cover but I also like the blank slate. The people are divided into Voicing 1 to 7 and in the conversations people are divided into tenor, alto, or soprano depending on the pitch of their voice. The numbering reinforces a linear reading… If i could categorize them in another way… a broad musical way. I like this idea that rambling thoughts spoke are music.

voicing 1 – manj
voicing 2 – lee & sophia (tenor & soprano)
voicing 3 – abdi

voicing 4 – steve
voicing 5 – david

voicing 6 – surge & david (tenor & alto)
voicing 7 – jay

there are a few slight changes I would make but I’m happy to have it printed and done. in terms of having something to hand out on the exhibit I would make them by hand they would be segmented by each voice and not numbered


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