Pitch Bender

In the last sound piece I bent the pitch accidentally with a phaser… i think it was on the washing machine sound. I watched a tutorial about the Pitch bender and pitch shifter effects. I want to warp the train sound  so that it has the atmosphere but is unrecognizable as a train sound.

isolate the clip… Pitch bender does not work in the multitrack/real time so I have to do it in isolation from the mix.

the blue line is the pitch bender… I tried to follow the already occurrent pitch and duration  changes in the recording from the sound of two trains one far away one close coming in then slowing and stopping… or is it one train and an airplane? I want to accentuate the existing effect. however it’s too dramatic, the peaks are too extreme. My favourite part is the really really slowed and down pitched sections, they have a great atmosphere. I’m thinking of making a section with a bunch a of different sounds slowed down.

Pitch Bender

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