a[2] is a beautiful example of silence or Ma, the spatial transition of water sounds in a rhythm from one side to the other, the dismembered body….. this sensation changes the way I feel inside my own body and I find that really interesting… something to try although I started to be more expressionistic with panning in the last sound piece it is a very interesting tool to explore further, when the sound < it is overwhelming and consuming and then the abrupt relief is very beautiful and transportive, headphones are key

the high ringing like a cicada in summer, the spacial difference between sounds, layer/building blocks of melody, the rhythm and motion

the warmth/colour of the bass tones and the crackle of the record, the vocals are wonderful, the distortion echo travels between L and R ear, delay time?, human voice and electronic sounds

the use of field recordings/radio is striking, very little fade in or fade out for field recordings – operates as a rhythm like the drum machine sound, transition into overtones with distortion and little crackling sounds like a blip coming in and out,


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