Take two

so I had a lovely day w richard today, renewed my enthusiasm and hope for music and art in another wave of pessimism toward the potential for disillusioned superfluous art, pointless production circulating money in meaningless. He showed me ableton live and downloaded it on my laptop.. it’s provides a really interesting basis for composing/constructing with the ability to loop. We played with the speech recording of my dad talking a bit. I now have to dedicate some serious time to figuring out how to navigate the program.

I went to a voice class/workshop at the hive last night and was a bit disappointed by the experience but got me thinking about the voice. The idea that the voice is the most intimate description of ourselves and the key bridge between exterior and interior interests me. From the small things I’ve learned with Fides in toronto and her approach to the voice is that personality and emotionality are completely entwined with how we use our voice. the physiology of our bodies reflecting the emotional and psychology of our mind and implicating how we access our bodies. for example I have difficulty establishing and holding a note in the same way I have trouble asserting myself. I have to learn to know where the note is and visualize it. when I sing my tongue mutes the sound near the back of my mouth so it comes out more feeble however the power is there though my body blocks it in the same way that my mind does through fear.

Take two

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