cafe otto

“SIGNUM_The Invisible revealed seminar show experimental techniques of signal analysis, antenna design and listening techniques through the SIGNUM device.

The seminar condenses several years of study on amplification and reception of electromagnetic frequencies beyond the range of human perception. Its operation is similar to the instrumentation amplifiers found in medical or laboratory equipment where is necessary to minimize the measurement error while working with very weak signals.

 SIGNUM is a portable device designed to provide a clean, line level & micro controller friendly output signal to various input sensors: different bandwidth antennas, high impedance transducers, photosensitive cells, infrared, ultraviolet, sound pressure or line level.
The electromagnetic spectrum will be used as a creative resource where participants will build a device capable of modulate the invisible phenomenæ on various media or devices.” a track made using the signum

I loved the open source hardware ethos.. the fact that Victor gives these workshops to teach people about the machines and gives them completely access to the design of the circuit board. Artists all over the world have access to the design and to use the machine for their own practice.

I was also very interested in the idea of using short distance (1km) transmitters… like a pirate radio to install audio or visual pieces. I’m imaging a piece now… Three transmitters sending three different looped tracks. three analog radios. The participant searches with the dials through static and random radio stations potentially hitting on one of the tracks.. there is an endless mix of the three tracks random and in complete control of the viewer. would the signals get confused if there are three transmitters in such a small area?


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