Space is the Place

I had only watched the first 15 minutes but I sat down for the whole movie the other night… and wow what a trip. I also watched interviews with sun ra and he is the exact embodiment of his character in the film. The violence is shocking, watching “bitches” getting beaten because they are bitches and they need it. The use of the word nigger so freely I haven’t seen before and the different connotations attached to the word depending on who says it. There is a great pessimism about the film. a great sadness. the only answer is to leave the planet for we are completely lost. I loved the imagery of the card match between two black men in the dessert determining fate. The film is generally edited in a really wonderful psychedelic flow.

The workshop on experimental noise much at chelsea was interesting. I loved seeing a group of people interacting through music in that way the focus and the interest was wonderful. It is something that a lot of people seem to be drawn towards… partially because of the inaccessibility of the technology and the immediacy of the actions creates a certain intrigue and mystery about the whole thing.

Space is the Place

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