Oxford St

Yesterday I went around oxford st with the Signum and my recorder. I had to push myself to do it. zone out of everyone around me and be the weirdo walking around with headphones and electronics scanning lights and screens and what not. It was awkward on the tube in an enclosed space where people were staring at me but by the time I got to oxford st I stopped caring much. I was amazed also by how much people don’t really care or don’t question. not many happy shoppers seemed to notice me. The most interesting part was turing the billboard video adds into sound. I spent most of my time in Topshop… a store Ive never been in before let alone in oxford st. It was slightly terrifying and I became overwhelmed quickly. There were so many video screens and lights it was amazing.

Next I’m going to go back there but in the night and walk towards Trafalgar sq. I think there are some hidden spaces with quite beautiful lighting at night.


Oxford St

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