Metal Shop

I went into the metal shop this morning to finish the contact mic. I realized when watching the tutorial that I got a stereo wire instead of a mono wire so I ended up going to Leyland’s and trying to get a mono wire at which point I bought the totally wrong wire. The technician in the metal shop said we could do it with the stereo wires anyway. He was very gruff and didn’t let me do any of the soldering. It might be worth it to invest in my own soldering kit in the future. Upon returning home and testing the contact mic it still doesn’t work. As suspected, the shielding wire also needs to be connected. Hopefully this is all that needs to be done however I suspect that I really need to use a mono sheathed cable. I don’t think I will be using the contact mic for the exhibit so I might save this project for post essay time.

when I told the technician that I dreamt of doing a performance with a contact mic he told me to check out the following performance. not exactly what I had in mind but vaguely interesting none the less.

Beaconsfield Arts Centre, Vauxhall

Metal Shop

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