Panning and Volume

First I amplified all the clips instead of having all the track volumed at +15. This is the kind of thing I never used to do trying to get in the habit of using audition effectively form the beginning and understanding all the processes I go through in order to have more control. I isolated track 3 to get the fade in right and then track 2 made a few adjustments in duration and cross fading and continued to isolate single tracks and the pair two tracks and then another two tracks and then three tracks together to understand how best to manipulate the volume/swelling. I decided that I wanted the beginning to be much more gradual/progressive so I pulled all the tracks back and copy and pasted and merged clips in track 3 and 5. I began to play with the volume of track 5 so it comes in swells increasing gradually. first I experimented with panning so that the duration of one swell travels from L to R to L. This is a default visually for me when playing with the ‘blue line’ what I wanted was for the duration of one swell to travel L to R then the next swell to go from R to L.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.30.44 PM

Panning and Volume

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