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I took a different approach to equalizing after watching Manj play with the 30 band. We had quite a nerdy moment talking about how amazing equalizers are. His suggestions reminded me of the way Dave introduced me to the whole editing process. It is so much about listening. I remember when Dave and I recorded the first songs I wrote and I would watch him mix and set up the mics. There were so many times when he would show me certain things and I would be embarrassed because I couldn’t hear them. These sessions were all about learning how to listen not how to edit. only now am I beginning to be able to make decisions which are based more on what I hear.

I took one of the “cathedral” clips and equalized it as explained in an earlier post. I realized when wanting to re-equalize them that I lost the original so it became a process where one clip was equalized 3 times. The two lowest fq on this version are a bass that is very unique to the other melodic sounds running through the clip. it’s rhythmic. I wanted to accentuate the bass even more but the only way I have figured out how to do it so far is by adding a tube-modeled compressor (blissful bass).

In order to base my decision making on sound I took all the fq down to zero and then put each one up at a time listening, then put it back down. After doing this once through all 30 fq I put one up and added another, listening for some time how they sound together at different intensities.. aka playing with their relationship then added another fq ect. when adding a fq in I start at zero and gradually work my way up. with 30 bands it took me about an hour on the first one and a bit less time on the other two as I felt I didn’t have the time to put the same amount of detail into the other clips and also that sometimes the un-calculated decisions are actually the most interesting.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.14.09 AM.png


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