Play Back

When I was in oxford circus the environment was overwhelming.. so many people, lights, images, sounds, and the steady pulse of products moving from racks to cashiers to the streets. It’s an exciting commotion but also something numbing. the whole thing feels like a great big distraction. the sensory overload makes one feel primal and vulnerable at the same time.

Making this track has been a test of my concentration. because I’ve only had a week to make it the pressure has really helped as I have no choice but to let go of distractions. As soon as I really started I realized how hard it is to deeply concentrate. getting to know the sound and really listening as well as getting to know my ‘practice’, or technique composition decisions ext. This is my meditation in  a sense.

I wanted to make something ambient but I didn’t know if I could. Now having made something which I can play back and which has that ambient effect I can hear all the meditation that went into it being expressed in a condensed more accessible way. When listening to a short track all you have to do is surrender to the journey but when the meditation is creating instead of listening there is a certain friction or struggle involved.


Play Back

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