Cathedral clip mid range

I started with the clip (on track 3) which I spent the most time equalizing. It has more complex melodies and a good mix of high, mid, and low. This is also the one which has the bass ‘heart beat”. I decided that the other clips would work around it to thicken the melody and widen it. I started with panning. I zoomed way in and listened. one triangle would span the length of one pitch and then the next triangle would span the following pitch. In other words the sound would swell from centre to the left ear and back to the centre for one pitch and then the same on the right ear for the lower pitch that followed. I used really exaggerated panning and volume in the last section of the sound piece that created a lot of swelling and motion. These cathedral clips have their own rhythm and melody and I didn’t want to loose that, rather accentuate it. The panning is half as wide and the volume is 3/4 plus I wanted the volume to be even more gradual and smooth so the volume is not triangles. I started from a visual frame work in terms of the relationship between the yellow and blue lines and then I would listen back and make practical adjustments before continuing the pattern through the whole clip.


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