Premier Pro Screen Shots

The beginnings of a film and navigating the software. In the end I decide t0 download the trail Premier Pro on my laptop as it is quite difficult to find a computer that reads memory cards in the Library – which is necessary since I can not save things on the computers there. Originally I was enjoying that this was bringing me into uni on a regular basis. It is nice to spend more time getting to know my peers (and their work) across the years, and feeling part of the student life at chelsea.  However it is impractical for getting work done. At least until I learn to tune out of the people around me and tune into my work. I end up taking a million smoke breaks with all the different people I run into. My lungs are also quite displeased by this development- as is my wallet.

I attempted to transfer the session to my laptop but I think because the trail is a newer version I must start again. Starting fresh, especially at such an early stage, is more of a bonus than a loss.

when I was first playing around with these clips and figuring out how to use transition I quite liked the choppiness of not having any transitions at all. at the same time I thought this would look like I didn’t know how to use the program. after watching Bea edit the other day I was interested to notice that she doesn’t use transitions. When I asked her about it she said that it created a language which was similar to the analog editing process.  I thought it interesting that she endeavours to make her digital films resemble analog. This also brings me back to wondering how important explanation is to justify decision making. I think in art education we are taught to develop our ideas, to think critically, and to be able to articulate or explain things. With in our ideas actions occur. However there is the opposite affect of actions containing ideas which reveal themselves perhaps not only by the artist.


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