Contact mic

Last week I went into the metal shop to fix the contact mic. one of the solders had broke but most importantly the shielding wire had to be attached. I had trouble soldering and the technician helped me. We simply fead the shielding wire into the jack so it was resting on the metal and it worked. The shielding wire did not have to be attached to the mic. I didn’t have elect tape to secure it so when I got home the solder had broken.

Lalia has very kindly lent me her soldering iron, which I picked up from glass yard yesterday and repaired the solder. It went very smoothly. I don’t know why I was having so much trouble when I tried it before. Perhaps it has to do with setting myself up comfortably and taking my time.

when I tried hooking it up to the signum and then the amp there was no sound. This is concerning. It’s a shame that the workshop to build the signum was so fast and we didn’t get a chance to really understand how it can connect to other devices… we were only told that it can connect to other devices. I can email the guy… we shall see how long he takes to respond.


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