Film and Sound

I’ve gotten over the first stage of enthusiasm. I was excited to make a movie and determined to translate that idea into an actuality. Then I realized I had no idea how I wanted to make it. I just took some footage in a hurry (I was short on time once I had re-set up the speakers). Everything happened so quickly around the time of the exhibit.

I re-watched what I have done so far after leaving it for a while. I watched first without the audio and I could see what Andrew meant when he asked me why I am translating something which is made of sound and space into video. I’ve been more aware of the medium of film recently. I find it interesting the idea of challenging the passivity of the spectator by drawing attention to the medium. The medium becomes the expression, not the vehicle of expression. I find this very radicle. I never really thought of the passivity of the viewer or the spectacle of art in that way before. At the same time I don’t know if I would feel it was radicle from the experience of the piece.

I saw Machine Vision as the Raven Row gallery and it has stuck in my mind but while I was there I didn’t feel much. I went through it pretty quickly. But that could also be because of the density… I want to see the whole exhibit but not go to deeply into it. I also went to the Whitechapel gallery. They had a piece on display about video games. The piece was simply a montage of different games and how the quality has improved over the years. It felt like a very shallow work, it only displayed it did not really engage with the subject matter.

I would like to read “Society of the Spectacle” by Guy Debord. When I think about film like this I realize that images of speakers, a man standing between them, and the sound source, does not translate the sound piece into film it only tells the narrative of the installation in a more accessible way on the web. This is important in a practical sense – having web presence.

I listened back to the mastered versions  of A and B and then started delving into the multitrack and reallocating myself with how I made them. I isolated clips and listened to how they interacted and trying to figure out how they relate to the original recordings. I think I’ve done a good job, but there is a lot going on and there needs a greater attention to detail interns of composition. I want to develop it more. I also need to fix the over all volume.. so that there are more perceptual volume changes than actual ones so that the levels can be more consistent through out the piece.


Film and Sound

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