inside – out

I stumbled across this performance and it is all and more than I hoped to accomplish with my idea of the performance. I like the mixture of shamanistic ceremony and the technology and the music. He uses stethoscope microphones which appear to be much more receptive than contact mics for picking up internal body sounds. I was hoping to combat the problem with the contact mics by using the signum to amplify the sound even more. However  the signum does not work in this way as of yet. It would make the wiring a simpler without the mediation of the signum. The mic would go directly into the amp. Thinking about the problem about putting multiple inputs into one output could be solved by having multiple amps. the sounds of different parts of the body could go to different locations with multiple amps. they could manipulate the positioning of the viewer i.e. one amp facing the corner of two walls, amps higher or lower in different rooms, or hooked up to headphones therefore contained to one listener.

The way Borges transfers the body functions into electrical current which powers motors which then plays instruments reminds me of an idea I had to ask Tus to interact with one of the amps – singing and making music with my internal body sounds.

The body sounds, once translated into electric signals, become reference for microcontrollers to drive motors and light bulbs. The motors’ traction is used to play instruments such as gong, berimbau, harp, and percussion effects that, combined with thelive body sounds, generate a mantric soundscape which resemble that of shamanistic rituals.

Inside-Out, a sound art performance

inside – out

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