The event in question was Ephemera, a site-specific collaboration between the Canadian electronic musician Tim Hecker, German visual artist Marcel Weber, a.k.a. MFO, and Geza Schoen.

 he decided that the solution “was not stacking things louder and heavier but working in a different way.” That meant working with voices, for one thing—a complicated-sounding process of using software to translate medieval choral music to digital synthesis and then, working with Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, to write and record complementary new choral parts.

Love Streams tackles a lot of abstract concepts, like “live” sound, and synthetic sound, and rooms and space, and technology’s ability to complicate all those things. But it’s also about the ability to disappear into sound, to get lost in the contours of a slippery timbre, or to be made whole by a consonant harmony. At its close, those staccato vocal parts and that smoldering low end deliver a real emotional punch, the release to subtle tensions that have been building up throughout the course of the record’s hazy, unpredictable run. It’s a suggestion that, if you stumble around in the fog long enough, you might just find what you’re looking for.


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