Exhibition – Oct 18

First I attempted to see Bjork but sold out

John Cage
Lecture on the Weather (1975)
Frith Street Gallery


I enjoyed the press release. Gleaming that little story about Cage dropping out of uni and his first uses of chance operations at school. I was a litte bit dismayed the gallery wrote that Cage should be even more acclaimed for his influnce as a composer and artist. Though I am no expert, I think there are many people with less recognition and visibility who were making great work around the time, Julius Eastman and Arthur Russel… I’m sure there are better examples. Though perhaps aclaim is the thing to avoid, anyway…

I didn’t know Cage was heavily influnced by Thoreau or the I Ching which was intersting to learn. I almost moved on from the sound piece when I couldn’t make out any of the phrases being spoken. I found this funny because it was the kind of thing I would have made last year. It’s interesting and probably happens a fair bit.. that people make things they themselves dont enjoy experiencing. I sat with the piece. Instead of treating it as something to be discifered I began to experience it as atmosphere. I hovered in the escelating dark mood of it.

Exhibition – Oct 18

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