Exhibitions – Oct 12/13 mel

Jeff Koons
Almine Rech Gallery


The whole thing kinda makes me want to puke.

A quick google takes me to this review on Wallpaper a fashion/deisgn/art online magazine. I found the blue reflective balls a cheap and superficial way of exploring the idea of integrating the viewer into the work. I don’t think that seeing a tiny blue version of yourself distorted in an old renaissence painting adds any depth to one’s understanding of their place in the world – it does seem to inforce the importance of western history, its ideology and tragectory.
Damo Suzuki + members of Bo Ninge
The Shacklewell Arms
I noticed that this gig left me more inspired than any show I had seen so far.
I actually perfered the first set with member of Bo Ninge (rock band I dont particularly like tho havent listened to in depth) before Damo Suzuki joined in. I loved that the whole show was improvised. You could see the attenntiveness of each musician towards the other and the organic progression of the sound. Kohhei Matsuda’s guitar playing was incredible from his outbusrts of noise soloing to his subtler or funkier grooves – I have never seen such a good guitarist live before. The whole sound was such a fusion I couldn’t pin it down. The drummer,  Monchan Monna, has great chops aswell. I’m unsure of who the third performer was – not a member of Bo Ninge but I liked his role in the trio. He seemed the most outside of himself and focused on the whole. he played multiple instruments mostly synth and percussion sometimes one with each hand sometimes focusing on one instrument either moving the sound towards a more punctuated rythm (leaving more space for guitar) or a thicker more lyrical sound with the synth.
Exhibitions – Oct 12/13 mel

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